BRB- why our store is currently closed, a love letter to my customers

Hi Woolly friends!

You might be wondering why we have paused online orders & why our website is temporarily closed. If you’re new around here, i’ll give you a bit of background info- Revel Knitwear was founded in 2016 by yours truly and I continue to manage all aspects of the business, including majority of the knitting of online orders. I love being transparent with my customers, it really is a major pillar of this business. 

Right now I am focusing on restructuring the business and finding ways to both stick to our core values, but also make it a more sustainable business structure for myself. I have an intimate team of knitters across Australia who help me hand knit all your orders, and right now we have reduced capacity. Because of this, we need to put a pause on orders to catch up again.

You might also be aware that I am stepping away for a short while to step into a new role, one of starting a family. I need to take some time to sink in and adjust to this new chapter & are truly grateful for all the support and kindness I have received so far in this business journey.

I am always thinking of how to create new, exciting knitwear and will be brainstorming & creating while I am away. I appreciate your patience while I hit the pause button and hope you will stick around for the next season.

if you have any questions, please email us at:

Thank you again for all your orders & support so far. I will be knitting some final orders before I take a break.

Stay warm,

Shannyn xx

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