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Model, and activist, Emma Hakansson is in tune with herself & the world around her. We had such a blast shooting this natural beauty in our cotton knits & wanted to share with you some of her ideals, perspectives & greatest passions.

What causes are you most passionate about? 
The causes I am most passionate about are veganism and the liberation of animals, which is why I’m a huge supporter or Revel’s cotton collection. I’m also very passionate about sustainability in fashion - not mass producing things, using organic materials, as well as making sure clothes are made ethically and not supporting the mistreatment of people! Another two reasons I support Revel. 
What things do you like to do to be environmentally conscious?
The main thing I do to be environmentally conscious is be vegan! Animal agriculture produces more CO2 than all modes of transportation, worldwide. I also try to support local brands, use simple things like a keep cup, metal straw, and natural products for cleaning myself and my clothes! I haven’t bothered to get my license either as I try to get public transport as much as possible.
What Revel Knitwear pieces do you like the most? 
My favourite Revel pieces are the classic crew sweaters and the halters, in cotton. I think my favourite colours are the grey and the rust. 
What made you want to work with our brand? 
I wanted to work with Revel to support their cotton collection, to support a local brand (when you buy from small businesses you’re literally supporting someone’s dream which I love), and to support a brand that is working for a more sustainable world.
Dreams for the future
My dreams for the future are to work more in the field of creative consultancy for brands and organisations doing positive things for the world, to be more and more involved in the creative side of the shoots I do, and love lots. 
Your favourite quote 
‘One person won’t make a difference - said 7 billion people’. 
It puts things into perspective and reminds us that each one of us counts and can come together to create a better world. 


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