Meet The Maker: Urszula

We are so lucky to have Urszula on our makers team. Urszula is an incredible knitter and is as kind as she is quick on the needles. We were lucky enough to find Urszula and we are so grateful. Here's what she has to say about being apart of the Revel Knitwear team.

Who taught you to knit and how long have you been knitting for?
I was inspired to knit by my grandmother and mother in law, both of who are excellent makers and have spent years making beautiful pieces. I picked up a pair of knitting needles over 10 years ago, and gave it a go! I followed the instructions on a knitting brochure, but my first few attempts were not very successful. About 5 years ago I really started to invest the time to learning techniques properly, and with a bit of help from YouTube, I started to make more and more. I haven't been able to stop knitting since.
Why do you enjoy knitting?

I enjoy knitting primarily because it is so therapeutic. The rhythmic movement of the needles instantly puts me at ease. 
What does it mean to you to knit for Revel Knitwear? 
Knitting for Revel Knitwear allows me to be part of the slow fashion movement, which is very important to me. Making unique pieces by hand means our customers can enjoy the beauty of a sustainable wardrobe, and I think that's pretty awesome!
What’s one thing you would like our customers to know about what it takes/what it’s like to make clothing? 
Making clothing takes a lot of time! While it may look like a simple piece of clothing, a lot of love and effort is put into each piece, making sure all the small details are just right! 



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