Mend to Extend

Producing ethical, sustainable Knitwear is one passion of mine, the other- reduce, reuse, recycle and...mend!  

From a young age I would receive "hand-me-downs" from older girls around me- my mum would have her friends over for coffee and they would bring anything their daughters grew out of for me to have. I remember the thrill of receiving a huge bag of new clothes for me to parade around the house in, imagining all my new outfits. 

Its these early lessons that I was taught from my mum: 

1. The importance of reusing something and how much value it still has. She would talk about how the clothes had already gone on adventures before they got to me. I loved that. 

2. The importance of passing on things of my own that I no longer needed or wanted, rather than throwing away- "Another mans trash is another mans treasure" mentality  

3. The practicality of mending. Just because a button falls off a seam becomes loose, doesn't make it redundant.  

It's because of all these values that my mum taught me that led to my passions today. I want to make sure these same values are passed onto my customers. 

Although wool is a really durable fibre (and should last a long time), it still can get holes if accidentally snagged or pulled against something. 

I want to make sure that if this happens, you know exactly what to do- and we're here to help!  

Introducing our "Mend it to extend it" policy.  If you find yourself snagging your jumper and causing it to rip a hole, never fear, help is one step away! 

Email us a photo of the problem and we'll give you 2 options:

1. We'll send you a small sample of wool for you to sew in (should you have the skill set) 


2. You send us the jumper back and we'll mend it for you!  

We would just hate to see all those hours that go into hand-knitting your special knit go to waste, so please drop us an email if any damage occurs to: 

So just remember, mend to extend 

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