Everything you need to know for the end of year changes here at Revel Knitwear

Emma Hakansson

Emma Hakansson on why caring is cool Model, and activist, Emma Hakansson is in tune with herself & the world around her. 

5 ways to style your knit

The Cotton Crew Sweater is a classic. Easy to wear and enjoy, we know this timeless knit will fit effortlessly into your wardrobe. Here are some easy styling tips on ways to wear your sweater. 
Style your knit with monochrome hues, keeping it simple but effortlessly stylish.
A leather jacket and black jeans really adds a badass edge to the outfit, with boots finishing the look with a polished detail.

How to nurture your knit

Not sure how to wash your knit or when? You are in the right place. The good news for you is, we recommend only washing your knit when absolutely necessary, meaning only when your knit becomes physically dirty, stained or seasonally.  

Wool is a natural fibre, with good stretch, breathability and resilience to wear. For his reason, your Knitwear should last you a long time if cared for well. Our knitwear is an investment for your wardrobe, that staple knit you will want to wear season after season.

Like your favourite denim or leather piece, you...

Mend to Extend

Producing ethical, sustainable Knitwear is one passion of mine, the other- reduce, reuse, recycle and...mend!  

From a young age I would receive "hand-me-downs" from older girls around me- my mum would have her friends over for coffee and they would bring anything their daughters grew out of for me to have. I remember the thrill of receiving a huge bag of new clothes for me to parade around the house in, imagining all my new outfits. 

Its these early lessons that I was taught from my mum: 

1. The importance of reusing something and how much value it...