Where are your products made?
All of our knitwear is made my hand in Australia. No factories. All our knitwear is hand-knitted by women, in their own homes across Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney. 

What fibres do you use?
We use 3 different fibres. Each design will have the fibre used in the description.
Cotton: Chunky cotton (55%) + acrylic blend (45%)
Wool: 100% chunky merino
Merino: 100% extra fine merino

What does hand made mean to us?
Hand made to us, means that all of our knitwear is made literally with just 2 hands, some fibre and knitting needles. We are doing it the old school traditional way. As we said above, no factories, it is that simple. Hand made has a lower environmental impact and a much cosier look & feel.

How long will my order take?
For all knitwear that is 'made to order', we allow 14-21 days for your order to be made. The reason we can't give you an exact day is because we begin knitting your order once you have placed it. Each knitter takes a slightly different amount of time, but we do work hard to finish it as quickly as possible. You will receive an email confirming that your knit is on its way to you when we have finished. If you have any questions or want to know more details once you have ordered? Just email us at revelknitwear@gmail.com

We do have small amounts of stock often on hand, which will be specified in the product description. These knits are already made and are ready to be shipped as soon as you have purchased.

Do you have any stockists?
Currently we are selling exclusively through our online store, but keep an eye on our 'Stockists' page at the bottom menu of the website. We'll also keep you updated on any pop-up stores that we may do.

How do I wash my knit?
The safest way to wash your knit is by hand. And we promise it's not hard. Here are 5 easy steps to washing your knit:
1. Fill your laundry sink with a small amount of luke warm water (enough to cover the knit)
2. Put in the recommended amount of wool wash (depending on what type you are using) and leave your knit to soak for 10-20 minutes.
3. Rinse your knit with cold or luke warm water to drain any excess wool wash.
4. Gently pull your knit out of the water and press against the side of the sink to get rid of excess water. Don't wring or pull the sweater. 
5. Lay your knit on a towel and roll/squeeze to continue getting ride of excess water (wool loves to absorb all that water!), and lay flat in the shade. Allow to dry naturally. 
If you stain your knit, a quick tip is to use a small amount of your wool wash and dab the area/press to lift the stain. We also have a journal article with a video on 'how to nurture your knit'. 

Fun tip: If your knit isn't dirty and just needs a freshen up- lay your knit outside in the shade for the air to lift any smells caught in the fibres, over night should do the trick.

Will my knit stretch? And if it does, what do I do?
Being that we use natural fibres, you may find your knit gives/stretches a little with wear. If you have been wearing your knit frequently, give it a wash using the above instructions to help it get back to its normal shape. 

Are your knits itchy?
ABSOLUTELY NOT. We are really passionate about making knitwear that is super soft on the skin and doesn't itch when you wear it. All of our fibres are tried and tested to ensure they don't feel itchy or irritable to the skin.

How do I know what size is right for me?
Most of our knits are designed to fit slightly loose, as we think that's how knitwear feels best, but with each style, we list all of the measurements so that you can be sure you get the right size. Generally our sizes cross over 2 standard Australian sizes. For example, our small would fit someone who is an Australian (6-8) well. Medium (10-12) and Large (14-16). We do offer customisation, so if you would like a knit at exactly your size, you can send your measurements and we can adjust our designs accordingly. This will cost you an added $49 fee, which is a small price to pay for something completely customised and unique for you!

Can I return a knit if it's not right?
We encourage you to look at all the information in our description closely before purchasing as we aim to get you the right style and fit the first time. However, if you are unhappy with the size, fit or quality of your purchase, you can lodge a return by emailing us within 5 days of receiving your purchase. After this time, we are unable to fulfill a return. We can potentially offer an exchange or store credit, so if you have any concerns, please ask!