How to nurture your knit

Not sure how to wash your knit or when? You are in the right place. The good news for you is, we recommend only washing your knit when absolutely necessary, meaning only when your knit becomes physically dirty, stained or seasonally.  

Wool is a natural fibre, with good stretch, breathability and resilience to wear. For his reason, your Knitwear should last you a long time if cared for well. Our knitwear is an investment for your wardrobe, that staple knit you will want to wear season after season.

Like your favourite denim or leather piece, you don't need to wash your favourite knit very often. Enjoy these easy steps to nurture your Revel knit and quick tips to give your knit the love it needs to stand the test of time. 


1. Fold your knit when you aren't wearing it and store in a dry place. This will prevent your knit from stretching and will help maintain its shape. 

2. If your knit isn't stained, but you want to freshen it up- Air out your knit by leaving it outside for the natural air and wind to freshen the scent up!

3. If you have accidentally stained your knit, see below for stain removal options. Spot clean the area by blotting out stain using appropriate cleaning agent.


It is safest to hand wash your knitwear to prevent stretching of the fibres, however if you know your washing machine has an appropriate "wool wash" setting, this can often be used. We recommend hand washing to be safer!

1. Fill your sink up with enough luke warm water to emmerse the knit in and add wool wash detergent. We recommend Ms Brown wool and cashmere wash and you can purchase it with your knit in our online store!

2. Immerse knit into water and agitate gently. If you need to soak because of stains, allow knit to soak for no more than 30 mins. Otherwise, take your knit out of the water and release water.

3. Rinse knit with cold water pressing against sink to gently wring out excess soap and water.

4. Take your knit and place on a towel and put into the knits normal shape. Fold the end of the towel over and roll the knit up (to also allow for excess water to rinse out).

5. Dry on a flat surface, shaping knitwear reducing folds and creases. Allow to dry.

See our video below:


Pilling is the formation of "fuzzy balls" on the surface of knitwear that is caused by rubbing/friction of the fibres, or as a natural progression of wear over time. There is a greater chance of pilling generally if the wearer is more active, or if knit constantly comes into contact with other surfaces that tend to cause abrasion. 

There's nothing wrong with it and is a natural process of ageing wool, but if it bothers you, you can gently remove by hand or by using a de-piller, which will help to shave the fuzziness from the surface of the knit. Here is an example of an inexpensive fabric shaver


If you cause a stain on your knit- don't fret! The easiest way is to blot the stain out gently (as quickly as possible after the stain is caused), by applying gentle pressure and dabbing area to absorb. We love The Woolmark Company's advice on stain removal, click here for the best advice on stain removal