Mend to Extend

Although wool is a really durable fibre (and should last a long time), accidents can happen where the loops in the yarn can get snagged or pulled against something. This can cause a hole in your knit, and if left without mending, can cause a knit to slowly unravel in that area, essentially causing a larger hole over time and compromising the integrity of the knit.
Mending our clothing is the very best option to prolong the life of a garment. Finding ways to extend the wear of our clothing is the best way to be sustainable & let’s get real, our knits are an investing quality and we hope we can inspire you to continue wearing what you love, rather than being tempted to throw it away & contribute to fabric waste in the world. 

Introducing our "Mend it to extend it" policy.  We want to mend your knit to extend the life of it. These knits are made by hand, with love and we aim for them to last a lifetime. Check out our following options below: 


Step 1: Contact us via our ‘contact’ page, email or social DM
Step 2: You send us the knit back for mending via Aus Post 
Step 3: We confirm via email that we have received your knit and give you an update about what we expect the ETA with mending will be
Step 4: We send you another email with a photo of where we have mended and check you are happy with the outcome
Step 5: We send your knit back to you via Aus Post


Step 1: Contact us via our ‘contact’ page, email or social DM
Step 2: Send us a photo of the issue and we will help to provide recommendations on how to mend, as well as some yarn that is either the same fibre or (if discontinued), something close to it for you to use. We will send this yarn via Aus Post
Step 3: You mend your knit as you see fit! 

We would just hate to see all those hours that go into hand-knitting your special knit go to waste, so please drop us an email if any damage occurs to:


Revel Knitwear is not responsible for the damage of products after dispatch. Therefore, if mending is required, the cost of postage back to Revel Knitwear is at the cost of the customer. We will however provide a FREE mending service, and post back to you (via Australia Post) and will cover this cost.

We hope this will help to extend the life of your knit & allow you to love it for years to come!

Keep warm x