REVEL: is the fresh new face of Revel Knitwear, founded and designed by Shannyn Lorkin. Established in 2016, the brand is focused on hand-knitted garments made locally around Australia by knitting artisans.

Revel Knitwear was inspired by Shannyn's grandmother Beverley, who taught her everything she knew about the traditional craft of hand-knitting.

Over the past 5 years, we have brought our community along for the creative process. Documenting how a hand-knit is brought to life, whilst being a passionate advocate for conscious consumption and sustainability.

In a world where we need to think deeper about how we consume, we encourage you to learn about how clothing is made, and why buying from sustainably minded brands is so damn good for the world. We hope that by making your own knit, it prompts a broader thought of: "Who makes my clothes?".

Choose well, wear it for a long time, be mindful of where and who you buy from.

Doing what you love is never a waste of time.

Make something beautiful.

The future is in [y]our hands.