Revel Knitwear creates luxury hand-knitted pieces for the modern minimalist. Designed using the classic, timeless aesthetics of knitting, Revel believes that quality is essential and sustainable production non-negotiable.

Designer Shannyn Lorkin believes that the key to a great wardrobe, is having good quality basics, and focusing on quality, and style. "I wanted to create knitwear that was classic and timeless.  Being hand-made, it provides more of a bespoke and exclusive experience for the consumer. A knit that has been truly made for you, with a lot of passion and love. Fashion to me is about telling a story about who you are and we want our customer to feel endlessly comforted when they wear it and get a lot of longevity out of each piece"

Revel aims to be enriched with the story that began it all, a legacy after her grandmother Beverley who taught her to knit. This brand is a celebration of life and love with the knitwear finding a place in every wardrobe, and like the love between a grandmother & granddaughter, something that never gets old.

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