our mission

To create handmade knitwear that is made for women by women. To be comforted, loved and last a lifetime.

Soft on the skin, but not on values, Revel Knitwear believes that quality is essential and sustainable, ethical production non-negotiable.

We believe in creating a more sustainable future for the world. Focusing on 5 key values: use of natural/biodegradable fibres, hand made production, repurpose waste, 'made to order' production and low impact care. 
Read below to learn more in depth about these


value #1: HANDMADE

No factories, it's that simple. All of our knitwear is hand made locally around Australia by a community of women within Sydney, Canberra & Melbourne. Made with hands like yours, a Revel Knitwear sweater can take up to 20 hours to make. 

"I gained all my knowledge and skill of hand-knitting from my grandmother Beverley who this label is a legacy for. She taught me the value of wearing something that has soul & that has love in every stitch. I used to request a new jumper every birthday and each time I got one, it would feel so special to me. I knew how many hours went into making it. I want to replicate that feeling for our community"- Founder/Designer, Shannyn


All of our knitwear is made from natural fibres, using wool and cotton. While all fibres have impacts on the environment and is a complex subject, we highlight some benefits to these fibre types. Wool comes from Sheeps coats which they grow year round, making it an easily renewable resource. Also biodegradable, wool can be recycled, repurposed and composted, which helps with its environmental impact for the whole life cycle. Cotton shares the benefits of being naturally renewable & biodegradable & also doesn’t require an intensive chemical process in order to be transformed into fabric.


 We save all of our fibre off-cuts to be re-purposed spun into new yarn. We are currently in the process of collecting fibres, so watch this space! Our clothing labels are also made from 100% recycled cotton yarn locally in Melbourne. We also use Better Packaging Co satchels which are biodegradable when placed in a compost. We aim to learn how to reduce our waste where possible & keep our environmental impact low.


Since the beginning of our brand, Revel Knitwear has always stayed true to being a made-to-order brand. This means that we make our garments on demand, after people have placed an order. We at times will keep small quantities of styles to help with demand, but essentially, we are all about quality over quantity. We focus on making what is needed and wanted by our customers. That is why we also offer to adjust knits and customise where we can, so you are going to purchase something that you will wear for a long time. 


Wool & cotton are one of the most breathable fibres & because of this, the care for our knitwear is low. Because wool is odour resistant, it can be aired out to refresh with washing being avoided more frequently. Even when washed, wool only requires handwashing, using less resources and water and can be spot cleaned easily as the fibres have a natural protective outer layer that helps prevent stains from being absorbed.

"I'm not perfect. For me, it's all about principle. Sustainability is about changing a mindset. Every little bit counts. It's not all or nothing. It is about making an effort"
- Stella McCartney