Refund policy



As all orders are hand-knitted and made-to-order specifically for you, we do not accept returns or exchanges for change of mind or for wrong sizing (as we provide a comprehensive measuring and sizing guide as well as exact measurements for each knit). Please measure yourself prior to purchase as we provide accurate measurements for each garment within the 'Sizing Chart' info and within each style description. 

Returns for products deemed faulty:
A product may be accepted as a return if deemed faulty (unless caused by the customer) within the first 5 days after receiving an order. 
Please email: if you perceive your order to be faulty.
You will have the opportunity to lodge a returns enquiry. We will require a photo of the alleged fault within the enquiry email and only if the item is new and unworn with all original tagging and packaging.
If the product is deemed faulty, we may be able to offer a return, exchange (of the same price value) or an offering to fix the fault and send it back to you. All postage back to us (the business) is to be covered by the customer.

Definition of faulty product:

A product deemed faulty within the first 5 days of purchase, pertains to a product that is received with obvious faults to the fabric and construction. Examples of this include obvious gaping holes in fabric/unravelling of fabric (before wear of garment). We can assure you that we spend a LOT of time constructing knitwear that is of premium quality, so you shouldn't run into any issues like this ;)

Quality Guarantee:
All our orders are hand-knitted with a lot of care and we take a lot of time to ensure your order is of the highest quality. In the rare case that the item is faulty or damaged, we will work with you to determine the best course of action as per our above process. 

As your order will be hand-knitted and made-to-order by our team, production times may take longer than expected or advertised. Cancellations of orders will not be accepted for change of mind or for a longer production timeframe (As we have clearly stated how long production times are). We will always do our best to knit your order as quickly as possible, but want to ensure your order is of the highest quality for you to enjoy and love!


Terms & conditions:

A fault will be deemed as a disturbance to the foundation of the knitwear- seams that are not fully sewn in at the time of purchase, hole in the knitwear (at time of purchase, not caused by the customer), or an incomplete item. As our quality control measures are thorough, this is only redeemable for refund if the item is new, unworn and within the first 5 days after purchase. 

Unsatisfied customer purchase:
Customers that are unhappy with their purchase can lodge their complaint via: (within 5 days of receiving purchase as above), and if accepted on reasonable grounds, an exchange for the same value of the original purchase may be accepted for use within 3 months in the online store. Reasonable grounds for exchange would include a significant difference in the expectation of sizing - a garment that is received that does not accurately match the sizing provided within the online store, or a severe lack of quality in the product outcome (a product deemed faulty). 


We hand-knit all our knitwear using a traditional knitting style. We will provide measurements on each product as well as in our sizing chart. Please keep in mind that each knit will look unique to the next as they are made my hand (and not machines). Therefore the stitches within the knitwear have lots of character, and each loop may not look perfect to the next. But we love that about hand-made knitwear and always ensure that each knit that is sent out is of the BEST quality possible. 


As each knit is made to order, we require customers to look at the sizing chart for each style and measure themselves accordingly to pick a size that is the best fit. We are currently unable to accept returns for change of mind or wrong size as we provide accurate measurement specs for each garment and make each knit specifically for each order. We do not keep extra stock.  Please email us at:, prior to purchasing if you have any sizing queries. 

Discount code:

A discount code or promo code is defined by a set of numbers, letters or combination of both that is to be used as a percentage discount or dollar amount discount for a purchase. The specific wording for the discount code will be defined in clear words by the brand for the customer to use on a singular purchase.

A discount code is to be applied in the “discount” or “promo” code button at the checkout of a purchase. These discount codes must be entered prior to the confirmation of the purchase. Discount codes are to be used only once per customer, for a single purchase only. Discount codes are not retroactive and cannot be applied after a purchase has been confirmed. Entering a discount code prior to purchase confirmation is the responsibility of the customer and not the brand. If assistance is required to enter the code correctly, the customer is required to seek advice from the brand prior to purchase confirmation.

The brand has the right to revoke all rights of a discount if a customer is using multiple accounts or email addresses, false names or impersonating others or through the use of any other fraudulent or other misleading conduct. If it is understood that activity of this nature is occurring, the customer will be contacted and explained of the discount code rights being revoked.

All terms and conditions are displayed clearly above through our website to empower the customer and protect the brand and is of the responsibility of the customer to be knowledgeable of prior to any purchase confirmations.