Sizing Info

Sizing Information

Please measure yourself prior to purchase. We provide the measurement for each knit in “centimetres” and “inches", which include the width, length and sleeve length. Please see below for more information on how to measure yourself easily.

Width of the knit- measure seam to seam across the width of the chest

Measure across the widest part of your bust from seam to seam to determine which knit will be wide enough for your body. We advise to just pick a size that fits  closely to your measurements. You can choose a bigger size if you would like it to fit oversized. The width of the knit is what will change most with each size and style. 

Length of the knit- measure from your shoulder down 

Most knits will be the same or similar lengths across all sizes as we design this length specifically for the style. However measure from the back of your neck down your back to determine how long the knit will be on you. If you do have any specific length requirements (such as being more petite or taller), than send us an email and we'll see if we can adjust the length slightly for you!

Length of the sleeve- measure from your shoulder to wrist

Most knits will also have the same sleeve lengths between sizes but depending on the style it can change. Measure your arm to ensure the sleeve will fit. A lot of our sleeves are called a "drop sleeve" which means that it drops lower than the top of the shoulder. For this reason, allow a couple of inches before the sleeve will begin- see photo below. Some sleeves are designed to be longer as the cuff can be rolled back. If you are concerned the sleeve isn't long enough, let us know!

Australian Sizing Estimates (your body measurements)

Size A (6-10 Aus)





Size B (10-14 Aus)

BUST: 93-98cm

WAIST: 70-75cm

HIPS: 95-100cm


Size C (14-16 Aus) 

BUST: 98-103cm

WAIST: 80-86cm

HIPS: 106-111cm

Size D (16-18 Aus) 

BUST: 103-109cm

WAIST: 86-92cm

HIPS: 111-117cm

Extra sizing notes

Sizing will differ slightly between styles as each style of knit has a different fit. 

All sizing is based on Australian sizing estimates.

All knitwear provides a generous fit and is designed to be worn as oversized style, however some styles will provide a more fitted style than others (please refer to each knits description). 

Please find below sizing guidelines. Each size is designed to fit across approx 2 standard Aus sizes (most styles are a generous fit) E.g: Small= 6-8. 

All sizes are as a guideline and should be used to help decide best fit along with the above measuring methods. Find that fits best for you! Sizing may vary slightly between styles and may change depending on the fit.

If you have any questions about sizing, please contact us: